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this blog is nina wenhart's collection of resources on the various histories of new media art. it consists mainly of non or very little edited material i found flaneuring on the net, sometimes with my own annotations and comments, sometimes it's also textparts i retyped from books that are out of print.

it is also meant to be an additional resource of information and recommended reading for my students of the prehystories of new media class that i teach at the school of the art institute of chicago in fall 2008.

the focus is on the time period from the beginning of the 20th century up to today.

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>> dead media handbook, Bruce Sterling

http://www.deadmedia.org/notes/index.htm (dead link, now got to: http://w2.eff.org/Misc/Publications/Bruce_Sterling/Dead_Media_Project/)

"The concept for the Dead Media Webpage was first concieved by science writer Bruce Sterling. In a past issue of Boing Boing magazine, Mr Sterling posted the Dead Media Manifesto and asked for help in creating a virtual library dedicated to past forms of media. This request was also made public in a speech on dead media at the International Symposium on Electronic Arts in Montreal, Canada in September, 1995.

In developing this site, we, the students of the Vancouver Film School-Multimedia, first had to define what the term media involved. It was our belief that the word itself implies the notion of communication. Therefore, anything that was once used to relay a message would be applicable. It is our hope that in the future the site will be expanded to encompass other forms as well.

For those interested in finding out more about some of the items listed here, a complete set of the Dead Media Working Notes (see: http://w2.eff.org/Misc/Publications/Bruce_Sterling/Dead_Media_Project/dead_media.notes and http://griffin.multimedia.edu/~deadmedia/notes.html) are available. There is also a Dead Media Collector's List for those in search of buying or selling various dead media. "

http://www.deadmedia.org/ (offline, for a description of the project, visit: http://w2.eff.org/Misc/Publications/Bruce_Sterling/Dead_Media_Project/compu_collecting_sterling.article

http://www.deadmedia.org/modest-proposal.html (offline, for a backup of the proposal, see: http://w2.eff.org/Misc/Publications/Bruce_Sterling/Dead_Media_Project/dmp_sterling.proposal)

Bruce Sterling on "The Life and Death of Media", Speech at Sixth International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA '95, Montreal Sept 19 1995: http://w2.eff.org/Misc/Publications/Bruce_Sterling/Dead_Media_Project/media_life_death_sterling.speech

all links last updated in October 2009, nw

>> laboral catalogues

you can download catalogue from the exhibition PLAYWARE here:

the catalogue of the FEEDBACK exhibition can be found here:

and their GAMEWORLD catalogue here:

click on the icon on the upper right corner, looks like a stair with an arrow, bit like the sign for an emergency exit

>> recycle

// christa sommerer+laurent mignoneau --> lifewriter
// toshio iwai projects

Christa Sommerer, Laurent Mignonneau, "Life Writer", 2006

>> magic + technology

// history
// technology
// different types of magic
// the ghost in the machine (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_in_the_machine)
// Verena Kuni, "Artist as Magician": "Gegenentwürfe zu Anthropozentrismus, Rationalismus und Technikgläubigkeit eines sich als 'aufgeklärt'
verstehenden Zeitalters zu gehen, die insbesondere in Phasen des technologischen
Umbruchs begegnen." --> Rekurs auf vorwissenschaftliche Weltbilder

>> a history of reinventions

// projects, artists
// inventions
// timelines, gaps, discontinuencies
// recurring topoi

>> rotten + forgotten

// for all the promising new media, that were only shortlived
// timeline, img, projects, quotes
// rediscoveries
// vgl Roland 303, Nate Harrison, "Bassline - Baseline"

the Roland tb-303

>> datenpunkarchive

datenpunkarchive is a project started by nina wenhart and jonCates in 2007 and is an experimental & playful & because of that one of few serious approaches in exploring the archiving of media art.

datenpunkarchive currently consists of jake elliott, jonCates and nina wenhart

// sooner or later you'll also find content on the website //

>> Ars Electronica catalogue archive

- archive of festival catalogues:

- archive of festival catalogues:

photo: "
Rückspiegel zur Realität", Just Meritt + contained/A, 1996

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